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Healthcare and Science Stars of Tomorrow Career Symposium

2018 Event FAQs


Q1. What time should we arrive?

A1. Arrival time for exhibitors is between 8:15-8:45 a.m. Arriving before 8:45 a.m. provides enough time to check in, get oriented, set up, and have a light breakfast before gathering in the auditorium to hear the keynote speaker at 9:30.

Q2. What is the format & schedule?

A2. From 10:30 a.m. to 2:20 p.m., students rotate from room to room for sessions of 20 minutes each. Every 20 minutes a new group of about 20-25 students will rotate through your classroom (except for exhibitors whose session will take two time periods). A lunch break with catered food will be available for exhibitors and presenters. A student survey is scheduled for the last rotation period.

Q3. What should we bring?

A3. Handouts and promotional materials can be provided to students. Demonstration equipment and/or materials that students can pass around are helpful. Videos can also be shown but should be short (no longer than 3 minutes).

Q4. What should we wear?

A4. Please wear what you normally wear in your daily work. Physicians should wear white coats or other work attire.

Q5. What is the recommended format per 20-minute session?

A5. We recommend a 4-part presentation:

1. Introduce Yourself to the Students: Name, Specialty, Years in Practice/Industry

– Explain why you chose to go into your field

– Why do you think people should pursue a career in your field

– Advantages of Specialty to Patients/Community

– Career options; what other career paths exist in your field

2. Discuss Schooling Requirements of Your Role

– High School

– College

– Post-Grad

– Fast Track Options

3. Discuss Average Salary for Your Role

– Typical entry-level, mid- and late-career salary

– Benefits and/or perks

4. Solicit Questions from Students (5 Minutes)


Q1. Will there be FREE bus transportation again this year?

A1. Yes, we have confirmed that we have buses for your school(s). They are first come first serve. Buses will pick up your group at your school and drop them off in the same location.

Q2. Will there be FREE food and drinks again this year?

A2. Yes, lunch, drinks and snacks will be provided for all who attend at NO COST. There will also be some extra snacks and drinks available for purchase.

Q3. Is this a school field trip?

A3. Yes, we highly recommend that you treat this event as if it were a school fieldtrip. Follow all standard procedures for Palm Beach County school fieldtrips. This is even more important if you plan on using the FREE bus transportation.

Q4. What attire should students and teachers wear?

A4. Students and teachers who wear scrubs as their school uniform should wear them to the event. Business casual will be appropriate for all others.

Q5. Can students who do NOT attend a Palm Beach County school attend?

A5. Yes, everyone is welcome to come and experience the entire day of learning and excitement.

Q6. Can students drive themselves to the event?

A6. Yes, however we highly recommend that everyone in your group use the FREE bus transportation. This helps ensure that your group stays together and arrives on time.

Q7. Do chaperones get Professional Development points for attending?

A7. Yes, each chaperone can gain up to 16 hours of Professional Development for attending.

About the Career Symposium

Funded through our partnership with the Quantum Foundation, our Healthcare and Science Stars of Tomorrow Career Symposium is an annual event that attracts more than 600 diverse students from more than 25 schools in Palm Beach, Okeechobee, and Martin Counties.

As part of our efforts to promote science, technology, engineering, art and math (STEAM) programming in our community, we created the Symposium for students to come together with numerous healthcare professionals and academic institution representatives and explore career development through lectures, exhibits, live demonstrations, and multimedia sources. Attracting young people from traditionally underrepresented populations to STEAM careers is critical to closing the achievement gap and eradicating the disparity in academic performance between disadvantaged and privileged students.

During the event, students participate in organized rotations and information sessions that allow them to gain insight from professionals on pursuing careers in various fields in healthcare and the sciences. Participating professionals include pharmacists, physicians, nurses, nuclear medicine technologists, respiratory therapists, anesthesia assistants, epidemiologists, and biologists.

The Symposium typically features dozens of exhibitors from Keiser University, Max Planck Florida Institute of Neuroscience, Palm Beach State College, Nova Southeastern University, Kindred Hospital, Palms West Hospital, The Scripps Research Institute, and other organizations.

In the past, we have also featured keynote speakers, such as Dr. Cato Laurencin, MD, PhD, former Dean and Vice President of the University of Connecticut Health Science Center/School of Medicine.

Want to learn more? Contact us today here.

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