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Please visit this page often for updates and the latest information on COVID-19.

Vaccine Locator: Visit the following link: Know Before You Go (floridahealthcovid19.gov)

Governor Executive Order 21-46: Expansion of Vaccine to allow for Extremely Vulnerable Individuals

Governor’s EO extending the authority to physicians licensed under F.S. 458 and F.S. 459 to vaccinate extremely vulnerable individuals. In addition, allowing advanced practice registered nurses licensed under F.S. 464 and Pharmacist licensed under F.S. 465 to vaccinate individuals deemed by a physician to be extremely vulnerable. Read the Executive Order Here.

Tested Positive? There is a treatment to reduce the risk of getting sicker: Monoclonal Antibody Therapy

If you’ve tested positive for COVID-19, one of the first questions you may have is, What can I do to reduce the risk of getting sicker? The good news is, there are treatments that may reduce that risk. Depending on your age, health history, and how long you’ve had symptoms of COVID-19, you may qualify for a promising form of treatment for the disease. It’s called monoclonal antibody (mAb) treatment. Find out more on https://combatcovid.hhs.gov/


Vaccination availability for those 18-64:

2/17/21 - Jupiter Medical Center has received a limited supply of COVID 19 vaccine. The focus is on patients who are age 18-64, residing in Palm Beach or Martin Counties and have one or more of the following comorbidities (Comorbidity is the state of having multiple medical conditions at the same time, especially when they interact with each other in some way.):

Cancer (active, not history of)
Chronic kidney disease
COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease)
Heart conditions: CHF (Congestive Heart Failure), cardiomyopathy, CAD (Coronary Artery Disease)
Solid organ transplantation
Obesity (BMI ≥ 30 kg/m2)
Sickle cell disease
Down’s Syndrome

If you meet the above residency, age, and comorbidity criteria, please contact your physician’s office and ask them to submit the Physician Validation Form (the physician can access this form on our website). PLEASE PROVIDE YOUR CURRENT EMAIL AND CELL PHONE NUMBER TO YOUR PHYSICIAN’S OFFICE. Visit the following link for more information: Coronavirus | Jupiter Medical Center


The T. Leroy Jefferson Medical Society, in collaboration with other local organizations, hosted a press conference on Thursday, February 18, 2021 to call on Governor DeSantis to equalize access to COVID-19 vaccine: Press conference

Dr. Kitonga Kiminyo speaks to WFLX Fox 29 about his request for Governor DeSantis to create equitable access to monoclonal antibody therapies: Monoclonal antibodies

Dr. Kitonga Kiminyo speaks to WPEC CBS 12 News about the new COVID-19 variant: Covid variant

Dr. Kitonga Kiminyo speaks to WPEC CBS 12 News, WPBF ABC 25, WFLX FOX 29 and WPTV NBC News Channel 5 about being vigilant during 'Covid fatigue': Covid fatigue

Dr. Olayemi Osiyemi speaks to WPEC CBS 12 News about the process of administering the vaccine: Vaccine process

Dr. Olayemi Osiyemi speaks to WPEC CBS 12 News about hyperbaric oxygen treatment for post COVID-19 symptoms: Hyperbaric oxygen

Dr. Olayemi Osiyemi speaks about testing before Thanksgiving on 11/24/2020 on WFLX Fox 29 and WPTV NBC News Channel 5: Thanksgiving Fox - Thanksgiving NBC

Dr. Olayemi Osiyemi speaks to WPTV about the increase in COVID cases in Palm Beach County on 10/20/2020: COVID-19 increase

Dr. Karl Michel speaks on behalf of the medical society about combatting the opioid epidemic on 8/13/2020: Opioid Epidemic

Dr. Angelica Johnson speaks to WPTV NBC News Channel 5 about back to school COVID concerns on 8/11/2020

Dr. Monica Walker and Executive Director Laurel Dalton speak to Channel 12 about the Opioid Epidemic: Opioid Education Series

Dr. Olayemi Osiyemi speaks to WFLX Fox 29 about the risk factors presented by African-American and Hispanic patients to coronavirus on 8/6/2020: African-American and Hispanic risk factors

Dr. Olayemi Osiyemi speaks to WPTV Channel 5 on 8/6/2020: Coronavirus in pregnant women

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