The TLJMS Scholarship Program has been recognizing, rewarding, and assisting future scholars in our community for many years.

Students recognized are typically those who excel academically, are dedicated to community service, and/or have an interest in pursuing careers in STEM fields.

We actively seek middle, high school or current college students who exhibit leadership, community involvement, exemplary character and high academic standards.

Two of the scholarships we award every year are named in memory of Dr. Katia T. Laremont, and Dr. Mildred Anderson, two physicians who were active in TLJMS for many years. These scholarships are given to a student with an interest in healthcare and/or science.

To learn about our scholarship program, contact us here.

Here is a write-up about our most recent scholarships from a local newspaper in the Glades:

TLJMS awards scholarships at Glades Central